In addition to guitar building and instrument repair, Charles Blaine Perkins was also an educator. At C.B. Perkins we continue that tradition by offering quality guitar, bass, and ukulele lessons. Our teaching staff has musical training from varied backgrounds and experience with anything from teaching in schools to professional performance. Their experience is shared and integrated into the lessons. We feel that learning an instrument should be a relaxed and fun experience that caters to all personalities, levels, and goals.


               One can expect songs, theory, history as well as the soul and feel that comes along with the music. Learning proper technique is important and there are slight variations and ranges in between instruments, styles, and individuals. We will teach and coach you through the lessons, giving you the knowledge you need for independence and inspiration allowing you the time and space you require. Whether you are looking to learn classical guitar, blues or heavy metal; we will arrange you with the instructor that fits your musical goals. Call us today for rates and availability!