Resurfacing, re-levelling, crowning and re-fretting.

If you’re noticing dead spots along your fretboard where notes buzz out or don’t sound, then some fretwork might be in order. CB Perkins fret repair services from our expert luthiers and technicians can get your guitar sounding smooth, and playing smoother in no time!


We’re experienced luthiers with extensive knowledge on what your instrument needs. Providing quality work is our top priority.


We consult by make suggestions and give advice before getting to work. Our goal is to be on the same page with you, always.

We’re listening

We consult by make suggestions and give advice before getting to work. Our goal is to be on the same page with you, always.

Your guitar is in good hands.

 Fret repair is a huge duty to us that takes patience in the details. Luckily, we have generations of experience under our belt so this is something we take hands on. When we take in your guitar for any fret work we clean and level the guitar to make sure you can say goodbye to any buzzing.

Along with careful measurements and our experience as players and guitar technicians, we use the consultation we have with you beforehand to ultimately determine the direction we take your instrument. 

More than just a re-fret.

Our fret work with guitar repairs includes re-fretting, fret level crown and polish. We work on vintage and modern instruments. Our luthier’s use essential tools such as a fretting hammer, specialized pliers, and a radius block to re-fret and re-level the fingerboard.

Fret repair within guitar repairs includes re-fretting, fret level crown and polish. At CB Perkins we take our fret repair work a step further and offer a free setup with your repair. We always aim to ensure your frets are smooth and optimized for your playing styles.

Attention to details.

We start off by removing the frets carefully as the first step in re-fretting your instrument. Then adjust the truss rod to neutral setting and level the fingerboard in preparation to install the new frets.

We also include a full guitar setup, which we then add on the crown and polish the instrument with our family signature polish. Once completed, we’ll do one last look over to ensure sure everything is perfect for you to pick up. 

*Some re-fret repair may include finish touch up especially when there is neck binding.

People Love Us on Yelp!

This family owned business is very honest, takes allot of pride and integrity in their craft and it shows big time in their awesome work! They did an awesome job on a fret job for my Gibson flying V. This family recently did awesome work on a couple of my guitars at an extremely affordable price and got my guitars ready for show in good timing! Highly recommended!

David M.

Absolute best!!!! Great customer service awesome and they're the only people I let touch my guitars before I tour. The prices are right and they are honorable people. That's hard to find in the shop these days. They really work well with the working pro musicians because they know about urgency and they will make sure that you're ready to go on time. They're simply the best.

JC Smith

Excellent work on my old 6 string friend! The re-fret and neck refinishing was done to a very high standard, truly over-the-top beautiful workmanship. I can't say enough good things about this shop, and Kent's craftsmanship. Nice people to work with and reasonable prices too. If you are in search of best quality luthier, this is the place to go!

Brad S.

Smooth Frets Means Smooth Playing

Leave it to us, we can get your guitar back to you and playing better than ever!