Structural repairs and restorations for guitars old and new.

There’s nothing worse than that gut-wrenching feeling you get when you put that first ding in your guitar, or see your guitar fall and watch in horror as the headstock snaps. Fortunately, our guitar repair team at CB Perkins can solve most problems, no matter how severe they might seem at first.

All types of repairs.

At CB Perkins Guitar Repair Shop, we understand how much your guitar means to you – and that makes us go the extra mile for any repair. Our incredibly well-equipped workshop can solve most of problems from big to small – no matter how severe they might seem at first.

Common structural repairs we carry out include:

  • Broken necks and headstocks
  • Severe Body dings and cracks
  • Cracked tops (acoustics and hollow bodies)
  • Cracked or loose braces (acoustics and hollow bodies)

We’ll bring your guitar back to life.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a working musician let us restore the musicality of your guitar. It doesn’t matter if you’re in need of major structural repair, fret repair, electric hardware, custom work or even just a simple guitar setup. We stand behind all the work we do, 100%.

Each instrument is looked over personally by an experienced luthier and only the most quality work goes into your instrument to make sure it is in peak playing condition. In fact, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond for even the simplest types of guitar repair or maintenance.

Quality work, quality parts.

We stock a wide range of quality replacement guitar parts, pickups and repair materials. If you have picked up your own guitar part and just want to pay to have it professionally fitted simply bring in the guitar and any parts for a free no obligation price quote.

Have you have tried to repair your own guitar and found that is has not gone quite to plan? Then collect up all the bits and pieces, and head down to us for a free no obligation price quote.

People Love Us on Yelp!

Most recently I brought a somewhat expensive Martin acoustic with a deep ding on the top (my own doing), this guitar has a vintage toner which greatly complicates repairs. When I picked up the guitar I was pleasantly shocked that the repair was invisible and the ding was completely gone. The price was extremely fair too.

Sebastien B.

Brought my Gibson L7 to the shop. In no time, Kent, Josh and crew had this baby singing and playing beautifully. They did a truss-rod adjust, leveled out the fretwork, and strung it with Pyramid Nickel strings 12-56 that re-create the guitars original (not bronzey) tone. I HIGHLY recommend this shop as the work is outstanding, affordable and they treat you like family.

Mark W.

I just purchased a used Ramirez classical guitar with a hairline crack on the top soundboard. I took it in to CB Perkins, and got a call two days later letting me know it was ready for pickup! Everything was fixed as expected. Wow. Kent also changed the strings, cleaned the fretboard, adjusted the action with a new bone saddle. All together comes with a very reasonable charge.

Donny H.

No Disaster Too Big, No Repair Too Small

Whatever disaster you’ve suffered, you’re in safe hands.