The perfect action, the perfect tone, the perfect feel.

We’ll clean your frets, condition your fretboard, and tighten and tension your tuner mechanisms. When we do a guitar setup, we strive to make sure that when you get your guitar back from CB Perkins, it will play 100% better than when it came in.

Get your guitar playing better than ever.

Periodic maintenance is very necessary in having your instrument playing its best for as long as possible. By not doing so, you are cutting the life of your instrument short.

Playability problems can affect guitars old and new, whether they’re cheap, expensive, or fresh out of the box or decades old. If you’re not quite happy with the way your guitar plays, don’t give up on it.

Here at CB Perkins we are well known for our quality and and affordable guitar repairs. Our guitar setups are set at competitive prices and also come with free polishing. Our luthiers know just what to do to have your guitar playing smoother than ever before.

We stand behind our work 100%.

Well known for our quality and affordable guitar setups, we know exactly what to do. To have your guitar playing in peak condition, we first look over four important areas; neck, nut, bridge/saddle, and intonation.

After a full inspection of the guitar we get to work. The extent of what is done depend on what kind of setup we are doing (minor/full). If your neck is in particularly bad condition we also offer full service fret repair.

Quickest turnaround – guaranteed!

What we do:

  • Set the right amount of bend (relief) in the neck
  • Accurately set the intonation. (Mainly on Electric Guitars and Basses)
  • Set the right string slot depth in the nut and the correct groove width too
  • Set the right string height at the saddle/bridge

But that’s not all!

With all the setups we do, we also give every instrument a good once over to clean it and look for hidden issues. We are musicians ourselves, so we understand the need to have your instrument sounding the best it can in a timely manner. That’s why when you have appointment with us, we offer 24-72 hour setups, guaranteed.

People Love Us on Yelp!

C.B.Perkins is a treasure. The set-up/adjustment work they did on my Seagull Artist has given me a guitar that plays so sweet and smooth again I just can't put it down. They even recommended SIT strings which believe it or not really DO what their initials stand for = Stay in Tune! Kind of mind blowing after 48 years of tuning!

Luke J.

This was one of those "Where have you been all my life" discoveries. I tried them out by having them work on my Takamine. Neck adjustment, restring. I was very happy when I got it back. Perfect strings for my playing style, my action was a little lower and they oiled and polished. Super great results. My under $300 Takamine now plays as well as my Martin.

Kevin W.

I brought my guitar into CB Perkins for help with my strings, which were too tight and making it difficult and painful to play. They were able to adjust the bridge and nut and helped me find some new strings. It's like I have a brand new guitar! I haven't been this excited to play since my first lesson. Thank you Chris and team! You guys are awesome!

Ryan B.

Give Your Guitar the Perfect Action, Tone and Feel

Leave it to us, we can get your guitar back to you and playing better than ever!